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Working through an Injury

Are you sitting on the sidelines this race seasons thanks to a running injury? Our race director Amy Frostick was there with you. Now on the other side, she has some insight to share.

2019 Anthem Wicked 10K Race Recap

There are two ways you can run the Wicked 10K. You can run it like every other race, in a tank and shorts and try to be a fast as you can be. Or, you can truly make it a fun run, and dress up in a costume. Personally, my favorite costumes to see are the group costumes, where their full range of mobility is prohibited. Not because I think I’ll be able to beat them (that is a bonus!), but because that is when creativity shines.

Tips for a Perfect Halloween Costume

Still undecided about your costume for the Wicked 10K? Ambassador, Molly Gray, shares all her tips for created the perfect Halloween costume.

Water Stop Etiquette

As you prep for your next race, one piece of the puzzle that tends to be overlooked is water stop etiquette. When you’re racing in larger events, the water stations can be overwhelming. Staff member, Ryan Conrad, breaks down his water stop tips.

A Few Things I’ve Learned From 50 Half Marathons

J&A Racing Ambassador Shelley started running when she was 53. Since then she has completed 50 Half Marathons. We can’t think of anyone better to give tips to new runners who want to conquer their first race.

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May 19, 2021

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October 2-3, 2021

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December 17-18, 2021

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