Team Leaders

ryanconradTeam Director, Head Coach + Breakfast Connoisseur: Ryan Conrad

Ryan’s approach to running is making sure everyone feels supported and included during training. He firmly believes that if people are having fun and making memories, the personal best times will follow. Ryan has run at the collegiate level and completed races up to 50 miles.  He is in the process of finalizing his RRCA coaching certification.

My favorite thing about the J&A Racing Official Training Team: The camaraderie and the accountability that is created each season. We take a group of walkers and runners and within a few months they become a big family with many memories that I hope they will cherish for a very long time. We have many members who set a personal best during a race, but I would argue that the team memories become the true measure of success.  Oh and the post-run breakfast chats (and drinks) at Murphy’s and Citrus are the best!

My favorite quote: “The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.”

I am energized by: Early morning workouts followed by brunch with my wife Ashley. Family and running…the two most important things to me!


joshGroup Run Manager + Chalk Master (come to a Saturday run to see the greatness): Josh Wade

My favorite thing about the J&A Official Training Team: The way the team brings people together.  People of all different backgrounds in running and in life.  People that never even knew each other before this. They come together to form a bond like family. It’s amazing to see the friendships and connections people make.

My favorite quote: “The finest thing we can do in life is to grow a soul and then use it in the service of humankind.”

I am energized by: Other people’s energy. I feed off of the positivity of others.